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Our list of why-don’t-we-try-this-out hair oil choices from the stores seemed never ending, and so were our hair fall miseries…until we discovered an amazing solution. Stunned with the quick results, we decided it would be a great move to make our signature hair care products available for all. And that’s how we launched our flagship company Vaishnavi Herbals with the blessings and guidance of our Gurus.

Our products are marketed under the brand name “AYURGENIE”. Synonymous with its name, the Genie reaches out those magical secrets for perfect hair and skin care to you. We mix pure nature with the principles of Ayurveda, which a 3000 year old science of living, to bring wonder solution to the universal problems of hair and skin faced by most of us today. Ayurveda is a complete medicinal practice which stands on the three pillars of health - physical, mental and a hearty soul and we firmly believe that the secrets of Ayurveda as written by our brilliant sages is still to be explored.

As we began our sojourn into finding the solution to Hair fall and weight loss problems, we probed down into the minutest of details of the treasured manuscripts of Ayurveda written by our saints. Research knew no bounds as we travelled from the Himalayas to deep down the forests until the right plant/herb was found to derive the wonder combination to stop hair fall. Expert advice from our Gurus, to experienced Ayurvedic doctors and natural practioners were all received to decode the secret recipes of Ayurveda. This was further clinically tested and certified before we had presented these breakthrough products to you.

We had wanted not only cure but also speed of cure as it’s a fast fast world. 5 years of rigorous research, and finally Our EUREKA moment had arrived! Our product was tried and tested personally, by relatives, friends in India and abroad across all age groups before it hit the store shelves. It’s these remarkable products with unbelievable speed of cure which are now being brought to you. Our entire range of products are manufactured using natural and fresh raw materials which ensure the medicinal properties of the herbs are brought to you in pristine form and are fully absorbed by the essential oils.

With the success of the oil recipes we are soon branching out into the other Skin Care and body care products. Our superlative weight loss oil FLEXISLIM, a 100% natural oil, also doubles up as a great skin toner with its excellent anti cellulite properties. Our natural handmade creams and body butters, face packs which can give you a new face, are all sure to give you an enthralling experience. We can assure that this Genie is bound to delight you with some amazing products which will make you rejuvenated and feel more confident.

Customers Say

Biggest problem that I had after coming to the US was severe hair fall. Later I was recommended to try this product, so I tried using it. And let me tell you, this stuff really works. My hair fall stopped in 3 weeks and with the aid of Ayur Wonder my hair grows tremendously. To my surprise it also reduced dandruff...

- Supraja Manoharan
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Having used this product for over a year now, it surely has changed the nature of my hair. The major culprit for hair fall and other related issues being STRESS, regular usage of this oil ensures a good night's sleep as well as the much needed nourishment for your hair! A bottle of it surely does the change. Go for it and benefit yourself :)

- Aditi Muralidhar
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Someone who is seriously looking for a hair fall product ... should definitely consider buying this product ... it not only stops hair fall quickly but also helps hair regrowth... am very happy with this product and much cheaper than many of the serums.

- Mamatha chennai
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