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Dhubri,Assam on 9/7/2015 said..


Shivakumar - Salem,Tamil Nadu on 8/30/2015 said..

  I am just 28 and had a big patch of less hair in the centre of my head. I used the oil for 4 months, already the patch is gone. Writing this with absolute happiness. Plz take this great oil to more such people who are suffering my giving advertisements.  

Babitha Lawrence - Chennai,Tamil Nadu on 8/30/2015 said..

  I am using it for the last 2 months and have lost 3 kgs. I am writing this review is because the skin looks better. First one month i was not regular but this is become part of my every day routine,  

Anandavalli - Chennai,Tamil Nadu on 8/21/2015 said..

  Awesome oil... Hair fall has been drastically reduced... Thank you Ayurgenie.  

Bharath - Chennai,Tamil Nadu on 8/10/2015 said..

  Good product...  

Heramkarthik - Chennai,Tamil Nadu on 8/10/2015 said..

  Nice Product!! Thanks Ayurgenie!!  

Deepa Shah on 7/28/2015 said..

  Superbb hair oil. Hair controlled in just 8 days for me. I wish they supply to shops in Delhi so that its easy to buy. I could not get the oil for 7 days after my bottle got over.  

Fercho on 7/15/2015 said..

  What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly  

Anusha on 7/8/2015 said..

  Super product have lost weight .. You should introduce 200 ml economy packs as for massage 100 ml is not coming for 15 days too.  

Mahitha choudhry, calcutta on 7/8/2015 said..

  We not only loved the speed of our oil in terms of cure but also the speed of your response. You guys definitely deserve a big round of applause.All the best,  

Manohar on 7/6/2015 said..

  I have tried many serums and oils for the last 5 years. I did not work. I am using Ayurgenies bald care oil and in just 4 months i have started getting hair shoots. I am stunned.  

Satish coimbatore on 7/4/2015 said..

  I have lost 2 kg in 20 days. Great oil.. Now can eat in hotel more.. Thanks  

Sheela coimbatore on 7/4/2015 said..

  This oil is unbelievable.. Congrats. don't reduce the quality once you become big.  

Anand villupuram on 7/4/2015 said..

  My 3 year old hair fall problem is almost solved in 15 days. Stunning, When are going to introduce shampoos?  

Mamatha chennai on 7/3/2015 said..

  Someone who is seriously looking for a hair fall product ... should definitely consider buying this product ... it not only stops hair fall quickly but also helps hair regrowth... am very happy with this product and much cheaper than many of the serums.  

Madhavi,chennai on 7/3/2015 said..

  My skin is smoothened with one bottle and my stretch marks have gone more than 50% with one bottle. Great product!!!  

Supriya, Pondicherry on 7/3/2015 said..

  I use this oil every time we splurge in a hotel. My fat reduces and goes out next day.  

Rajasekhar, Creative Advt, Vellore on 7/3/2015 said..

  Forget about hair fall. I am using this product every day night for good sleep i get. My work tension reduces.  

Deepa on 6/27/2015 said..

  I have so much hair fall now after my child birth since 2 months now I’m post pregnancy period so much hair fall n not growing kindly suggest this will help to stop hair fall and new hair will come  

Aditi Muralidhar on 6/17/2015 said..

  Having used this product for over a year now, it surely has changed the nature of my hair. The major culprit for hair fall and other related issues being STRESS, regular usage of this oil ensures a good night's sleep as well as the much needed nourishment for your hair! A bottle of it surely does the change. Go for it and benefit yourself :)  

Manjula Swaminathan on 6/17/2015 said..

  Very happy with the product. Hair fall has stopped.  

Supraja Manoharan on 6/17/2015 said..

  Biggest problem that I had after coming to the US was severe hair fall. Later I was recommended to try this product, so I tried using it. And let me tell you, this stuff really works. My hair fall stopped in 3 weeks and with the aid of Ayur Wonder my hair grows tremendously. To my surprise it also reduced dandruff. This is the best hair products I have ever used and I have suggested to few of my friends in USA to try this. Few tips to use this oil: 1. Use it at least twice a week to see the result 2. Apply at night before going to bed to see its amazing effect of stress relief 3. Do hot oil massage with this product to see faster result  

Aravindakshan on 5/3/2015 said..

  I have been using ayur wonder for the past 3 weeks...I have a significant improvement in my hair fall...and my work i use to apply this ayur wonder , it gives a sound sleep and rejuvenates me for the next day , thank you genie :-  

Meena on 4/24/2015 said..

  I have used Flexi slim for one week. I have lost about a kg of weight and more importantly I am feeling more fresh and agile.  

Elangovan on 4/17/2015 said..

  My wife was having stretch marks caused by pregnancy and within a week of application of Flexi slim, the marks have reduced by 50%. It’s surprising that the bottle doesn’t even mention about this curative effect.  

Srinivasan on 4/10/2015 said..

  I have a very tight work schedule. I apply Ayurwonder oil in the night and it gives me deep sleep. I feel fresh in the morning and completely relived of my stress.  

Sadique on 4/1/2015 said..

  It’s just a week since I have started using Ayurwonder. True to the claims made, Hair fall has almost stopped completely for me. I have tried many hair oils, and I am stunned by the performance of this hair oil.  

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