Bath Care Combo 1

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Ayurgenie Bath Care Combo 1

  • Lavender Bath Salt,
  • Skin Brightening Body Wash,
  • Glutathione Lotion

Lavender Bath Salt will soothe and soften your body with the goodness of lavender. Epsom salts alleviate achy feet while sea salt helps to exfoliate, reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of any small cuts or abrasions. Add Lavender Bath Soak to a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes to get the full benefit of the Epsom salts and the Lavender essential oil.

Skin Brightening Body Wash Reduces Pigmentation and Dark Spots. Being a stable water-soluble compound, it safely and visibly fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation without irritation by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. Improves Skin Tone. Gentle on Skin. Arbutin evens out and brightens skin tone, lightens darkened areas, and can help with the appearance of scars.

Sulphate and Paraben free

Glutathione Lotion gives you a Fair, Smooth and Flawless Skin. This Lotion is safe on all skin types. Removes hyperpigmentation and reduces oxidation, causing your skin to look young. it works on all layers of the skin. This Acts as a sunscreen and prevents sunburns and protects from harmful UV rays . Removes all skin blemish. Regular usage will provide you more radiant , smooth, younger and beautiful Skin.

Glutathione along with lavender oil, juniper berry oil, and other natural ingredients infused to give you a "Miraculous Elixir " to the skin.

 For External Use Only.

The combo pack have been selected based on the advice from skin specialists and user feed back.   For full details about the individual products you are requested to  see under the respective product packs which are also  listed here.

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